Solved: Driver’s License Test exam …




Solved: Driver’s License Test exam …

Needs to be in python: Driver’s License Test Write a program in Python that will grade user’s answers to a driver’s license test exam that is consist of ten multiple choice questions. The correct answers for question 1 to question can be stored in a list called correct_answers with these initial values: correct_answers=[‘B’,’D’,’C’,’B’,’C’,’D’,’A’,’B’,’D’,’A’] Your program should prompt user to enter his/her answers for the 10 questions in a single line separated by a blank. Once the user press the Enter key, build a list of answers and Lab #5 explains how to do this. You can, if you want to, store your answers from a list instead of reading them from the keyboard. This will save a lot of time as you don’t need to enter the answers when you run your program. You should change your answers though just for testing purposes. Once you have your list of answers, compare each value to the list correct_answers and keep a count of how many were correct. Lastly, display the number of correct answers out of 10 and also display the %. So if 5 answers were correct, you should display 5 correct answers and that is 50% Also note that you must use functions() to solve this program

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