Question SOLVED: Java program




Question SOLVED: Java program

The questions are at the bottom along with the table of grades. I need the full java program and the information in the beginning corresponds to the programs


The data collected in the COURSE 100 is shown in the table below. The data needs to be entered into the records in a digitalized format.

The table below shows scores obtained by each student on each of the 3 tests and on the Final Exam.


The grading system for the course:

Test 1 – 20%; Test 2 – 20%; Test 3 – 20%; Final Exam – 40%


The letter grade system based on the Total Weighted Score:

91 – 100 A

81 – 90 B

71 – 80 C

61 – 70 D

60 – and less F


The digitized course record should contain the following information:

  1. a) Total Weighted Score for each student.
  2. b) For each student, an assigned Letter Grade based on the Total Weighted Score.
  3. c) The highest average score obtained on all 3 tests and the name of the student who obtained it.
  4. d) The highest Final Exam Score and the name of the student who obtained it.
  5. e) The highest Total Weighted Score, the assigned grade to it, and the name of the student

associated with it.

  1. f) The average score on Test 1.
  2. g) The average score on Test 2.

h)The average score on Test 3.

  1. i) The average score on Final Exam.
  2. j) The average score obtained from the Total Weighted Scores.
  3. k) On what test the average score was the highest, Test 1, Test 2, or Test 3.
  4. l) Ordered average scores obtained on Test 1, Test 2, Test 3.
  5. m) The number of letter grades As, Bs, Cs, Ds, and Fs assigned in the Course 100 as the final grades.

The above information ought to be displayed on the screen in the form of tables (grid lines are not necessary).


The data and the calculated values may be shown in the table similar to the one shown here. The average test scores, the average FE score, and the average test scores for individual students may be added to the main table.


Added information ought to be displayed with appropriate formatting and labelling.


Exam Problem 1 (50%)

Write a JAVA program that employs one and two dimensional arrays to store and display the above requested information.

The program must create, load, manipulate, and display data stored in arrays, as well as display answers to particular requests for specific information as stated above.

The data must be read from the standard input device (keyboard) and displayed on the screen. The data must be processed in operations defined as methods. Examples of such operation: loading the array, printing the array, finding the average, finding the highest average score, assigning the letter grade, counting the number of As, Bs, Cs, Ds, and Fs, displaying the answers to particular requests stated above. The design of the methods employed in the processing of data stored in arrays must show the programmer’s skill in passing arrays to and from the methods.


Exam Problem 2 (50%)

Design and implement a JAVA program that will process the data shown in the table above and generate and display requested information as stated above.

The program will apply an array of objects. The objects will be defined by the class Student. The Student class will have private data objects and public methods that will operate on data and generate requested information. The Student class will have at least the following data members: name, t1_score, t2_score, t3_score, fe_score, totalWeightedScore, letterGrade.

The Student class must have at least one constructor, and a set of appropriate getter and setter methods.

Methods designed outside the Student class may be needed in the main method to obtain and display requested information.

In the client code, (the main method), the program will create Student objects, create an array of Student objects, and will manipulate objects in order to obtain and display the requested information. The data must be entered from the keyboard and the requested information must be presented on the screen. The requested information ought to be presented in an appropriately formatted and labelled display.


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