LIS 505 H001AssignmentsExercise 1




LIS 505 H001AssignmentsExercise 1

Do brief MARC records for the following exercises in Unlocking the Mysteries of Cataloging. Be sure to get the exercise number and not the page number. Follow RDA(Resource Description and Access, the latest cataloging rules) and include the following MARC fields only: 245, 250, 264, 300 (250 edition statement may not be available you may omit) Do these with word processing in a document that you will attach to this page.  You can either use a Word document from scratch or a MARC template in Word.
MARC 21 site (Links to an external site.)Links to an external site.

RDA examples (Links to an external site.)Links to an external site.
For each exercise, you may use RDA practice_WordWorkform.doc :
Exercises: 2,3, 4, 5, 8, 13, 14, 15,16   (They are not page numbers)

You can also create MARC fields manually in a Word document like this:

245 _ _ #a






250        #a


264        #a





264       #c


300        #a





Here are two steps you can take to help complete this exercise:

Analyze the information given in Step 1 construct bibliographic entries using RDA rules and in Step 2 construct MARC fields. The following areas of description are required to transcribe in this exercise.

  • Title and statement of responsibility
  • Edition, if any
  • Publication information
  • Physical description




Step 1: Construct Bibliographic Entries by transcribing information from the Title page and verso of Title Page:

Unlocking the mysteries of cataloging: a workbook of examples / Elizabeth Haynes and Joanna F. Fountain, and Michele Zwierski.

Second edition

Westport, Connecticut: Libraries Unlimited, 2015.

xvii, 244 pages. : illustration ; 28 cm.

Step 2: Give the same information in MARC format. Please use MARC21 format as a tool  for selecting appropriate MARC tags ( See the example below, using the Haynes/Fountain text as the work being cataloged.



 Same Information in MARC Format


245 1# $a Unlocking the mysteries of cataloging: $b a workbook of examples / $c Elizabeth Haynes, Joanna F. Fountain, and Michele Zwierski.

250  ## $a Second edition.           (In RDA, transcribe what it appears on the title page; “ed.” is spelled out; not all monographs have the edition statement.)

264 #1 $a Westport, Connecticut: $b Libraries Unlimited, $c 2015.

(in RDA, you will apply two 264 instead of 260; the state is no longer abbreviated)

264 #4$c©2015

300 ## $a xvii, 204 pages: $b illustration; $c 28 cm.

(in RDA, except for “cm” still treated as a symbol,  the abbreviated “p” is spelt out as “pages,” so is the word “illustration”)

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