ENGL1102-Literature and Composition


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ENGL1102-Literature and Composition

Question 1 of 34   

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Question 1

Critically responding to literature requires

actually reading it




all of the above

2 points  


Question 2

What is a works cited page?

A list of sources I have quoted, summarized, or paraphrased in the body of my paper.

A list of sources I have located and think may be useful as I begin writing my paper.

A list of primary source material which evaluates the worth of primary sources.

A list of sources from which I plagiarized my paper.

2 points  


Question 3

What does NOT have to be documented in a research paper?

information that most reasonably educated adults would know

your unique opinion

none of the above have to be documented

2 points  

Question 4

A well-written research paper should contain all of the following EXCEPT

an interesting introduction which supplies the thesis for the essay

a properly formated works cited page

a strong conclusion which summarizes the key points from the essay


2 points  


Question 5

Which of the following is a part of MLA documentation format?

  putting the works cited page in alphabetical order

including the author’s full name and year of publication in parenthetical citations

listing the names of every city that appears on the title page of a work

underlining all titles


Question 6

The goal of writing about literature is to prove that your understanding of a written work is the only acceptable interpretation.




Question 7

When writing about literature, it is important that you support every claim you make with some form of evidence.




Question 8

Which of the following might help you find valuable sources for a research paper?



your friendly neighborhood librarian

all of the above


Question 9

What is the best method to integrate your source material into your work so that the writing style remains consistent with your own?

summarize the source

plagiarize the source

quote directly from the source

none of the above


Question 10

Match each term below with its description.


The peak of action or suspense in a story


Not factual(although possibly based on facts)


Point of view where one character tells the story from his/her own limited perspective using “I.”


Technique used to supply background information about events that occurred before the beginning of the story


The pattern of the action in a story


The time, place, and culture in which the action occurs


The choices a writer makes with language to set the tone of a work and reflect his/her individuality


Point of view where an outside entity tells the story, referring to characters by their names.


The major idea of a work


Something that stands for both the thing it names and something else

  1. symbol
  2. theme
  3. third-person
  4. style
  5. fiction
  6. climax
  7. first-person
  8. setting
  9. plot
  10. flashback


20 points  


Question 11

Which of the following would make the best thesis statement for an English 1102 essay?

 A Rose for Emily” is full of symbols that, when carefully examined and analyzed, suggest much deeper meanings to this story.

I think that “Everything That Rises Must Converge” is a story about prejudice.

“A & P” is a really interesting story that anyone can relate to because everyone has had a crush on someone before.

Short stories are more awesomer than novels because you can read them faster.


Whenever you find yourself in a writing situation, your planning should include considering

the topic of your writing

the purpose of your writing

how much time you have to complete your writing

all of the above


Question 13

The writing process should involve all of the following EXCEPT











Question 14

Writing about literature is different than writing about science.




Question 15

Which of the following sentences is written from the third-person point of view?


People often tell me I’m pretty, but they don’t really know me.


You walk into the street and pull your collar closer to your chin, warding off the chill of a March Seattle morning.


The two women entered the building with superiority, as though they were doing it a favor by simply walking through it.


all of the above



Question 16

Which of the following is NOT an aspect of the traditional plot arc most narratives follow?






rising action






Question 17

What is the writing process?


A form of psychic ability used to control the minds of others


A method of brewing bitter herbal tea


An outdated courtship ritual


A structured approach to a writing project whereby students work through stages of writing like prewriting, drafting, revision and editing before producing a final product.



Question 18

If you write a paper explaining how the time period during which a story was written should affect one’s understanding of the story’s theme, which approach to interpreting literature are you using?


            text-oriented approach


reader-oriented approach


author-oriented approach


sexually-oriented approach



Question 19

I have learned at least one new thing while taking English 1102.




Question 20

In your own words, what is the purpose and value of reading and writing about literature?


Question 21

Which of the following statements about short stories is TRUE?


            Writing a good short story is tougher than writing a good novel because one must develop characters and advance plot in a relatively short period of time.


Short stories are fiction works.


Although short stories do not always convey a clear moral or lesson, they do always have a theme.


all of the above


Question 22

Literature is an art form that uses language. It is different from ordinary language in that it


            is concentrated and meaningful


purposes to give a sense of pleasure in the discovery of a new experience


is carefully designed to stir the imagination


all of the above


Question 23

What point-of-view is the narrator using in the story “The Tell-Tale Heart” by Edgar Allen Poe?






third-person omniscient


third-person limited



Question 24

Which of the following statements is true about the literary canon?


            It is comprised of those works considered by scholars, critics, and teachers to be the most important to read and study.


At one time, it neglected to value works written by women and other minority groups as highly as those written by men.


It has undergone great changes in the past several years in order to become more diverse.


all of the above


Question 25

It is possible for a first-person narrator to be unreliable; in other words, the narrator might not be completely truthful or accurate in presenting events and describing other characters as they actually are.





Question 26

Fiction writers make deliberate choices about plot, point of view, setting, and characterization.





Question 27

Which of the following is the best example of a dynamic character?


            Homer Baron in “A Rose for Emily”


Mangan’s sister in “Araby”


Sammy in “A & P”


Hazel in “Harrison Bergeron”


Question 28

Which of the following describes Mama in “Everyday Use”?


round character


dynamic character


both of the above


none of the above



Question 29

In order to fully understand and appreciate a literary work, you may need to read it more than once.




Question 30

The title of a work can lend clues as to the meaning or significance of the work.




Question 31

Match each term with its description.


the exact words of a source copied word for word


break an idea down into its parts in order to understand it better


a condensed version of something that highlights the main ideas only and excludes details


a systematic search for credible information

  1. analysis
  2. quotation
  3. summary
  4. research


Question 32

What might the quilt symbolize in Walker’s “Everyday Use” (249)? What do the various characters’ attitudes toward the quilt reveal about them?


Question 33

In Oates’ short story “Where Are You Going, Where Have You Been?” (162), is Connie’s encounter with Arnold Friend at her home real or a dream? Support your opinion with specific details from the story.


Question 34

Choose ONLY ONE of the following topics and respond in a well-developed short essay of 1-2 paragraphs. Whenever possible, use specific examples from the stories you are discussing to support your opinions. Your essay is worth 10 points.

  • Option A: Discuss the significance of point-of-view in Faulkner’s “A Rose for Emily” (74). Who is narrating this story? Why is this important? How would the story change (or at least the way readers perceive it) if it were told from a different point-of-view?
  • Option B: Compare and contrast Vonnegut’s “Harrison Bergeron” (242) and Jackson’s “The Lottery” (121). Discuss at least three elements (such as theme, point of view, use of language, setting, characterization, symbolism, etc.).
  • Option C: Compare and contrast Poe’s “The Tell-Tale Heart” (229) and Gilman’s “The Yellow Wall-paper” (83). Discuss at least three elements (such as theme, point of view, use of language, setting, characterization, symbolism, etc.).

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