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Write a class called Board that represents a tic-tac-toe board. It should have a 3×3 array of chars (‘x’, ‘o’, or a space, where a space would represent an empty square) as a data member, which will store the locations of the players’ moves. It should have a default constructor that initializes the 3×3 array to being empty (each element set to a space character). It should have a method called makeMove that takes two ints and a char (either ‘x’ or ‘o’) as parameters, representing the x and y coordinates of the move (see the example below) and which player’s turn it is. If that location is unoccupied, makeMove should record the move and return true. If that location is already occupied, makeMove should just return false. There should be a method called gameState that takes no parameters and returns one of the four following values: X_WON, O_WON, DRAW, or UNFINISHED – use an enum for this, not strings (the enum definition should go in Board.hpp, before the class, not inside it). [Optional: write a method called print, which just prints out the current board to the screen – this is not required, but will very likely be useful for debugging.]

Write a class called T3Reader that uses the Board class to re-run a game of TicTacToe from moves that it reads from a text file. This class will have a field for a Board object and a field to keep track of which player’s turn it is. It should have a constructor that takes a char parameter that specifies whether ‘x’ or ‘o’ should have the first move. It should have a method called readGameFile that takes a string parameter that gives the name of the game file. The readGameFile method should keep looping, reading a move from the file, and sending it to the board (with makeMove). The readGameFile method should return false if any of the moves is for a square that was already occupied, or if there are still additional moves in the file after the game has finished. Otherwise it should return true. Make sure you close the input file in every case.

Here’s an example of the format for the text file:

  1. 1

  1. 1

  1. 0

  1. 2

and so on. Which coordinate is the row and which is the column doesn’t matter as long as you’re consistent.

The files must be named: Board.cpp, Board.hpp, T3Reader.cpp, T3Reader.hpp.