Programming Project #3 Solution

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Program Description

You are to create a program called getit.asm/getit.obj.

The main body of your program should do the following:

Print your class template

Ask the user to input a number 0 – 9 (echo to screen)

Print the number spelled out

Print an error message if an incorrect input

Repeat until a <!> (x21) is input

Print out Done message

HALT the program

Your screen should look like this when the program runs:


Student Name

Project #3

Input a number 0-9: 5 five

Input a number 0-9: 0 zero

Input a number 0-9: X Error! You did not input a number.

Input a number 0-9: ! Done!

Assemble your program and experiment with the simulator to confirm that your program is working properly. Check all the boundary cases to make sure all characters work properly

Procedure for submission:

  1. Attach both the .asm and .obj in a zip file using your initials and project number as the zip file name, for example Then submit your project to Canvas.

  1. In addition, you will hand in to me, in class, a copy of the CS 2810 Grading Criteria sheet with your name on it, a paper copy of the .asm source file, and any screen shots required. This submission will need to be in a neat and ordered package. Both the Canvas submission and the paper submissions are due by the beginning of class on the due date.