Programming Project #1 Solution

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Program Description:

You are to create a program called first.asm / first.obj. This program will print out the class number, your name and then a termination message.

The main body of your program should do the following:

Write out the class number

Write out a new line
Write out your name

Write out a new line
Write out the project number
Write out a new line
Write out a termination message

Write out a new line
HALT the process

Your screen should look something like this when your program executes:

John Smith
Project #1

Program execution terminated!

—– Halting the processor —–

Assemble your program and experiment with the LC-3 simulator. Single step through your program and confirm that your program is working properly.

Procedure for submission:

1. Submit your project to Canvas.

2. Attach both the .asm and .obj in a zip file using the project number and your initials as the zip file name. This would be and example for programming project #1:

3. In addition, you will hand in class, a copy of the CS 2810 Grading Criteria sheet with your name on it, a paper copy of the .asm source file, and any screen shots required. This submission will need to be in a neat and ordered package. Both the uploaded zip file and the paper submissions are due by the beginning of class on the due date.