Programming Assignment #3 Solution

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Implement the algorithm for the closest pair of points (Section 33.4 in the textbook and lecture notes under \Content”on D2L). Your algorithm should input the coordinates of the points in the point-set from a text le whose format matches the test les uploaded on D2L, and output (1) the coordinates of a closest pair in the point-set, and (2) the distance between the two points in the closest pair.


  1. You can use any standard programming language (C, C++, C#, Java, Python, etc.).

  1. Test your code on the test les in D2L (located in the same folder as the assignment), and compare your solutions to the provided solutions (same folder). The grader will test your program on the uploaded test les (text les). Make sure that your program runs on these test les.

  1. Submit all the les containing your source code. Make sure that the les compile and run.

  1. Please create a single \.zip” le containing all your submission les and upload it on D2L.