Mobile Application Development Homework 3 Solution

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General Instructions: Put the entire app directory into one zip file and submit as an attachment under Content à Homework 3 for this course on the Blackboard Learn system by the above deadline. Note that you may submit multiple times, but only the most recent entry submitted before the above deadline will be graded.

For this homework you will extend the QuizApp functionality from HW2 so that you only have five seconds to answer each question and the number of correct/incorrect answers is shown at the end. I have posted my solution to HW2 on Blackboard Learn. You can work from this version, or your own. See screen shots below. Specifically,

  1. Add the MyTimer class to your app, as discussed in class. Your ViewController class should adhere to the MyTimerDelegate. The timer should restart at the beginning of each question, and the app should show the seconds counting down. When the timer reaches zero, the app should transition to the next question, or if it reaches the end of the questions, the app should display the results and a button for taking the quiz again.

  1. The quiz results should show “Results” where the question number normally appears, and should show something like “2 right, 1 wrong” where the quiz prompt normally appears. The answer buttons, message label and time-remaining label should be hidden, and a button title “Again?” should be centered at the bottom.

  2. The user may continue to tap on answer buttons while there is time remaining. Obviously, the user can just keep tapping until they get the right answer. This behavior is acceptable for now.

  1. Be sure that auto layout constraints are set so that the view elements are appropriately displayed with no overlap regardless of device orientation. You may have to reduce the vertical spacing between the various elements of the view to make everything fit in landscape orientation.

  2. Other than the changes described above, your app should also meet all of the HW2 requirements.