Mini-Project Solution

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Create a four-way traffic stop simulation through a BASYS2 FPGA board.\\

The goal of this mini-project is to create a four-way traffic light controller through an FPGA BASYS 2 board. This traffic light controller simulates a simplified stop light controller where the light states negate the “slow” (i.e. yellow light) state and turn signals. Each light will illuminate for three seconds.\\

## Presentation Requirements
Project Presentation will be composed of two parts:\
1. Project Demonstration to TA\
Each group will present their final project to their TA during their scheduled lab section during week 10. The group members should explain what their project is doing and if there are any parts that are not working. The TA then will ask each group member a question regarding the project. That group member will be graded on their responses. Questions might be but are not limited to:\
Explain how an aspect of your project works.\
What was a design challenge you had and how did you overcome it?\
How can your system be improved or greatly modified?\
2. Recorded video of completed project.\
Each group will record a short video showing their completed project. One or more group members should do a brief introduction naming the group members, the point of the project, and explain what the project is doing. For example, when I push this button the lights will change showing that traffic is stopped. The video should be posted on YouTube and the link should be shared with the TA via a link in your report.\

## Report\
The following information must be included to receive the full credit.\

1. Detailed specification of the project\

Explanation of any design constraints\

2. System Design, Architecture and Performance \
Controller design (HLSM, data-path, FSM)\
Circuit schematic\
Verilog code\
Timing diagrams\
Link to YouTube video showing your board’s performance\

3. Detailed description of the problems and technical issues encountered\
especially the ones that resulted in system re-design and/or modifications\

4. Conclusions\
whether the system works according to provided specifications,\
exceptions (or special care)\
ways to improve the system\