Labs #6 Solution

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Exercise 0: Solve the “FizzBuzz” programming problem in Python.

Exercise 1: Obtain a copy of file Complete this program where indicated with “Lab 6” so that the program (opponent player O, aka Min) will employ “maximin” reasoning against the human player.

Exercise 2: If time permits. Add to the program from Exercise 1 a component that will be able to applaud the human player (e.g.., “Great move‼”) every time he/she made a move that is indeed best according to “minimax” reasoning.

To receive credit:

Hand in your “fizzbuzz” program. It will not be graded, but I want a complete collection of student programs. Make sure you sign your name on the signup sheet. The completion of Exercise 1 AND Exercise will translate to your HW3 which will be posted officially later in the week.