Lab Nine Solution

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The objective of this lab is to illustrate how to draw a class diagram that shows inheritance. After completing this Lab you should be able to draw class diagrams that contain inheritance relationships.

Study Material

The following diagram illustrates a Shape class and a Circle class that inherits from Shape. Study the diagram carefully. Note how inheritance is shown in the diagram, and how the base Shape class only contains elements that are common to all kinds of shapes. In this example, every shape has an x,y position in space. The derived class only contains elements that are unique to a Circle.

Lab Assignment

After studying the class diagram above, create your own class diagram for the problem described in project #7. In this project, you will create two child classes that inherit from your Employee class. One of these classes will be for Hourly employees, and one will be for Salaried Employees.

File(s) to Submit:

When you are satisfied with your class diagram, submit an electronic version of it. I have found that one of the easiest programs to use to create a class diagram is Microsoft’s PowerPoint. You can create all of the necessary elements (boxes, arows, and text), and you can export a PDF file.


Your lab will be graded on the quality of your design.


Points possible

Your points

Your class diagram meets the requirments presented in project #7.


Your class diagram is in proper UML format.