HW # 2: Theme: x86 Organization Basics Solution

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  1. Name all eight 32-bit general-purpose registers. What is the general function of each of the registers? Which of these registers can be addressed in parts?

  1. What do the Sign Flag, Zero Flag, Auxiliary Carry Flag, and Parity Flag indicate when set?

  1. What do the Overflow Flag and Carry Flag indicate when set? How do they differ?

  1. Detail the process by which instructions and data are read from memory.

  1. What do you understand by Cache memory and what are its benefits?

  1. What do you understand by Real-address mode, Protected mode, Multi-segment model? Discuss in detail.

  1. In a 32-bit computer what are the maximum memory amounts that can be addressed in (a) real-addressed mode (b) protected mode? What is the linear address corresponding to the following segment-offset: 04B2:2033?

  1. Let us say your computer is running at 3 GHz. You come to know that the Add instruction takes 6 clock periods in your computer. Express the time taken by the Add instruction in nanoseconds.