HUMN 1101 Introduction to Humanities

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HUMN 1101 Introduction to Humanities

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This discussion forum provides students with an asynchronous learning environment to share information and exchange ideas. Throughout the semester, students must post thoughtful responses to readings. These responses — often argument-centered and paragraph-structured — must address one question or topic, provide an original point of analysis or interpretation, present coherent lines of thought, and be written in clear, accessible language.

For each Class Discussion, students must select a recent news article that relates directly to and focuses on the current chapter reading. (The current chapter reading for Class Discussion #3 is Early Renaissance.) The article must be about and focus on one of the approved topic areas in the humanities: visual art, music, literature, and philosophy. Students must offer a brief summary of the selected article and discuss how the article connects to one of the approved topic areas in the humanities. (Consult the template below for additional information.)

While articles from the past five (5) years are considered satisfactory, articles from the past year are considered excellent. Students should aim to select a recent article from the past year. Each submission must adhere to the required format illustrated in the template below .

Humanities News Template.pdf

(Students can attempt to type their entries in the text box; however, they are urged to upload their submission as a separate document that adheres to the required format.)

Students can select articles from the following list of publications only:

1.    Atlanta-Journal Constitution
2.    New York Times
3.    Houston Chronicle
4.    Washington Post
5.    Boston Globe
6.    Los Angeles Times
7.    The Guardian
8.    Denver Post
9.    Miami Herald
10.    Daily Telegraph
11.    Columbus Dispatch
12.    Chicago Tribune
13.    Arizona Republic
14.    Star Tribune
15.    San Francisco Chronicle
16.    Dallas Morning News
17.    The Plain Dealer
18.    Denver Post
19.    Toronto Star
20.    Tennessean

Any submission that does not use one of the approved publications above will receive an automatic zero (0). Be sure to meet the minimum word requirement for Class Discussions.