Homework # 8 Solution

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In this homework, you will write your game of Connect Four program in Java with a GUI which will be very similar to the game at https://www.coolmath-games.com/0-4-in-a-row as seen below.,

When the game starts, a dialog box will show up to ask 1 or 2 player game. Another dialog will ask the size of the board. After this the game will start.

Your program should have the following features

  • The should be a Cell class and a ConnectFour class, which are very similar to the classes of HW3.

  • Your board can be only square, no rectangular boards!

  • You do not need to implement game saving and undo capabilities!

  • After the game ends, start from the beginning again.

  • You may use any Java Collection classes in your program.

  • Do not use any GUI editors, implement all the GUI related methods yourself.


  • Submit your nicely formatted Javadoc documentation with your submission

  • Include many runs of your game with screenshots that shows your results.

  • Include a readme.txt file in your submission to explain how to run your program.