Homework 1 Solution

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This assignment will emulate core functionality of a Linux-style shell with

respect to managing a file system. Your primary job is to develop data

structures and algorithms for managing files and folders such that a user

can interact with a limited set of commands via a command-line familiar to

users of Linux. You need NOT actually create files or folders or in any way

manipulate data in a real file system – this assignment focuses on the

management aspect only. Interaction should be fairly close to the standard

Linux behavior but need not be 100% identical. The core functionality

required will be documented below and highlights the creation, deletion,

and modification of files and folders.

You may choose to add additional features such as persistence (storing

the data in some way so the program can start up with the data entered

previously), populating with an initial Linux-like structure, etc. At

this point, things like users and groups can be arbitrarily assigned (you

could own everything if you like). However, the timestamps and permissions

need to be working as expected. That means the chmod command needs to

update permissions and the creation/modification (via touch) should set the

timestamp to the local system time/date.

Required commands to support:

1. `ls`

2. `ls -l`

3. `cd`

4. `pwd`

5. `mkdir`

6. `rmdir`

7. `rm`

8. `chmod`

9. `touch` (to ‘create’ a file or update the timestamp)

10. `exit/quit`

This program is to be coded in C++ and submitted in Canvas before the deadline.