Design Assignment 5 Solution

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The goal of the assignment is to write a program that writes the phrase: “System unlocked” on the LCD when the user presses the correct series of keys from the keypad. The series is 5-2-7. Each series of 3 key entries should also be displayed on the LCD.

Note: Dr. Harris will provide hints and sample code soon.

What to Turn In

The following must be submitted via WebCampus by the due date/time to receive credit for the assignment. Messy, difficult to understand, or disorganized work will receive no credit.

Total points available: 100

  1. Time: Indicate the amount of time this assignment took in hours. This will not affect your grade (unless omitted) but will help gauge the workload for this and future semesters. [-5 points if omitted]

  1. A pdf or word document that contains details about your design. Be sure to submit them in this order:

    1. A 1-paragraph description of your design. [15 pts]

    1. Your program, which must have been built (i.e., compiled/assembled) and working. The code should be clear, well-formatted, and well-documented. [40 pts]

    1. A flow chart of your programs (hand-drawn is fine as long as it’s legible). [15 pts]

    2. A schematic of your hardware (again, hand-drawn is fine as long as it’s legible). [15 pts]

    1. A link to a ~1-2 minute Youtube video showing your programs working in hardware. [15 pts]

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