Course Writer – Content Editor/Creation

$30.00 $24.90



This is the perfect opportunity to create your own course material for your ESL classes.

We can design and write the content according to the level, topic, and methodology you want used. We will research the topic and include any vocabulary you want reviewed in the exercises.

We can create reading comprehension exercises, listening comprehension, grammar practice, or and combination of them all.

All of the work will be original and yours to own upon delivery.  We will only ask for permission to include the work in my personal portfolio.  It will never be sold or provided to another client.

By having your own course material, you never have to research what to teach year in and year out.  You will have your own material on hand!  And specific to your personal classroom needs and methods of teaching.

Pay for Your Assignment with Ease and Comfort

Our low rates and high-quality work will empower you to acquire our service without facing any problems at all. You can finally work with a professional company and still pay less for more.


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