Computer Network Homework 1 Wireshark Solution

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1. This is not a project (that is, you will cover the 3 projects later. This is just a homework

2. I have never used this application before  Google let you know all of wireshark.

Goal: Getting used to packet sniffing application – Wireshark

1. Executing the application.

2. Record all packets for “one minute”.

3. Repeat the step 2 until you can draw the following chart.

Distribution Packet Inter-arrival time by protocols

Distribution Packet Count by protocols

4. Writing a comprehensive report.

What should be included in your report? (100+20pts)

Your comprehensive and careful comments

How to record the packets? (20pts)

How to classify them by protocols? (30pts)

What was the result look like? and Why? (50pts)

Your answers of the following questions

1. Can you sniff League of Legends packets using wireshark? Justify your answer. (+10pts)

2. Can you sniff your friend’s packets using wireshark? Justify your answer. (+10pts)