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CIS 170C Final Exam Programming With Lab DeVry (TCO 1) Which of the following statement about IDE is true? (Points : 4) IDE only allows programmers to editing their code   IDE provides editing, compiling, and debugging in one software package.   Visual Studio.Net is not an IDE.   IDE stands for integrated development engine.   (TCO 2) What does the symbol << represent in C++ programming? (Points : 4) Bout   Bin   Cin   Count   (TCO 2) A Main Function is enclosed inside _____. (Points : 4) Box brackets   Curly braces   Parentheses   Quotes   (TCO 2) To improve readability and maintainability, you should declare _____ instead of using literal values such as 3.14159. (Points : 4) Variables   Functions   Classes   Constants   (TCO 3) What is the value of x after the following statement? float x; x = 3.0 / 4.0 + 3 + 2 / 5 (Points : 4) 1.75   3.75   5.75   4.15   (TCO 4) _____ is often used in the design of a program to describe the program processing. (Points : 4) Pseudocode   Algorithm   Program control   Data flow   (TCO 4) What is the decision symbol in a flow chart? (Points : 4) Square   Rectangle   Circle Diamond   (TCO 4) Which of the following is true about if/else structure? (Points : 4) If structure is a single selection structure.   If/else structure is a dual selection structure.   If/else structure can be nested.   All of the above   (TCO 5) Which structure causes a statement or set of statements to execute repeatedly? (Points : 4) Decision   Repetition   Sequence   None of the above   (TCO 5) Which repetition structure is designed to have the code execute at least one time? (Points : 4) For loop   Do in a while loop   While loop   Do while loop   (TCO 5) The while loop has two important parts: an expression that is tested for a true or false value, and _____. (Points : 4) A statement or block that is repeated as long as the expression is true   A statement or block that is repeated only if the expression is false   One line of code that is repeated once if the expression is true   A statement or block that is repeated once if the expression is true   (TCO 5) A loop that never stops is called _____. (Points : 4) A nested loop   An infinite loop   A pretest loop   A post-test loop   (TCO 6) Debugging is like being a(n) _____. (Points : 4) Accountant   Attorney Police officer   Detective   (TCO 7) Code written in a specific format to perform a single task or calculation is called a _____. (Points : 4) Function   Loop   Decision statement   Task   (TCO 8) Unless otherwise specified, C++ variables are automatically passed by _____. (Points : 4) Parameter   Argument   Reference   Value   (TCO 7) A return statement is not needed in a _____. (Points : 4) Defined stack   Void function   Stacked function   Declared stack   (TCO 8) What character is used to indicate a reference parameter? (Points : 4) $   &   @   ^   (TCO 8) The parameter of the following function is a(n) _____.  char myFunction (int &x); (Points : 4) Action parameter   Illegal parameter   Value parameter   Reference parameter   (TCO 9) What type of menu first displays the main menu and then, based on the user’s selection, displays a submenu?(Points : 4) Single-level menu   Multiple-level menu   Step-level menu   Sublevel menu   (TCO 9) What is the method used to make sure that valid selections are processed? (Points : 4) Input validation loop   Including the default clause in the case structure   Use of an else clause   All of the above   (TCO 9) What software entity contains both data and procedures (actions on the data)? (Points : 4) Objects   Instances   Events   All of the above   (TCO 10) To halt the execution of a program at a specific spot during debugging, you must use a _____. (Points : 4) Scope resolution operator   Step   Comment   Break point   (TCO 11) If n represents the size of an array, what would be the index of the last element in the array? (Points : 4) n-2   n   n-1   Cannot be determined   (TCO 11) When working with an array, the easiest way to traverse or visit all elements of the array is to _____. (Points : 4) Use a loop statement   Sort the array and read it   Do a binary search   Use sequential coding   (TCO 11) Given: myArray[3][4], what is the index for the first element (located in the first row and first column)? [1][1]   [0][1]   [1][0]   [0][0]   (TCO 12) Given the following array: int profit [5] = {10, 20, 31, 55, 66}; The following statement would replace which value? profit [3] = profit[2 – 1]; (Points : 4) 55 with 10   31 with 10   31 with 20   55 with 20   (TCO 12) What is the character automatically included at the end of an array of characters? (Points : 4) n   z   *   (TCO 13) Sequential files are accessed in _____. (Points : 4) Random order   Binary order   Consecutive order   None of the above   (TCO 13) Sometimes, a project will need to save data inputted by the user so it can be used again. This data stored will later be accessed from a _____. (Points : 4) Program file   Project file   Data file   User file   (TCO 13) Once you finish using a file, you should _____. (Points : 4) Append it   Exit it   Output it   None of the above   (TCO 13) Compare and contrast the mode operators ios::in, ios::app, and ios::out. Provide a C++ code segment that illustrates the use of these mode operators. (Points : 20) (TCO 9) Explain which is more appropriate for writing a menu program: a switch case or if-else statements. Provide a snippet of code to support your position. (Points : 15) (TCO 11) Explain how a linear search is conducted to find a particular data value in an array. Provide a C++ program segment to illustrate your answer. (Points : 15) (TCO 7) Explain the difference between an argument and a parameter. Use a C++ program segment to illustrate your answer.(Points : 15) (TCO 5) Using a loop, write a program that adds and displays the total of all even integers from 1 to 10. (Points : 15) (TCO 4) What is the advantage of using the conditional operator? (Points : 15) (TCO 3) Explain the naming rules for creating variables and then provide three examples using the data types int, double, and char and assign values to them. (Points : 15)