Assignment #2 Solution

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In this assignment, you will modify the LinkedNode struct to implement a doubly-linked list. Add a prev field that points to the previous node in the array. The prev field of the head node and the next field of the last node are both NULL. You must also modify methods that add and delete nodes from the list to manage the prev pointers. Finally, you will, add a getFirstLinkedNode() method that returns the first node in the chain from the given node by following the prev links.

Next, you should evaluate any of the LinkedList functions to see if they are impacted by the addition of the LinkedNode.prev field and make any necessary changes if so.

Finally, you will modify the implementation of LinkedListIterator to exploit the existance of the LinkedNode.prevfield. The getPrevLinkedListIteratorVal() is an example.

Use the code in the GitHub “lecture-4” repository as a starting point.