Assignment 1 HTML Solution

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Funamentals of Interactive Design

Create 5 html pages. The first page should be named index.html and have the

following content:

– Your name (using a heading 1).

– Your student ID (matrícula, using a heading 3).

– A picture of yourself (Max size `1MB` and max width `500px` x `500px`).

– The first of the 5 pictures:

– ![First picture](

– Make this picture `300px` wide (height should adapt proportionally).

– Make this picture a link. When clicked, this link should open page number 2 **in the same window**.

– An ordered list and an unordered list listing your name, last name, favorite music, and food:

![Example list](

(The lists should be nested as in the picture)

– The following table:

![Referenced table](

– From the 2nd to the 5th page you will include the rest of the images. All of them

should be a link to the next page, making the 5th page image link to index.html:

![How files are linked together](