ASSIGNMENT #1: Entity-Relationship Model with MS Visio Solution


For Assignment #1 you will use MS Visio’s crow’s-foot notation template to produce an entity-relationship (ER) model based on the defined business rules listed below.

Business rules (entities are in bold)

  1. A cinema must contain at least one theater, and can contain many theaters. A theater can belong to one and only one cinema. (Note: this means that the crow’s-foot notation “1 or more” should abut the theater entity, while the notation “1 and only 1” should abut the cinema entity.)

    1. Cinema includes the following attributes: cinemaID (PK); cinemaName; cinemaAddress; cinemaCity; cinemaState; and cinemaZIP

    1. Theater includes the following attributes: theaterNum (PK); cinemaID (FK); theaterSeatCap; and theaterSound

  1. A theater must have at least one showing, and can have many showings. A showing appears in one and only one theater.

    1. Showing includes the following attributes: showingID (PK); movieID (FK); theaterNum (FK); showingDate; showingStartTime; showingPriceChild; showingPriceAdult

  1. A movie must have at least one showing, and can have many showings. A showing includes one and only one movie. (No double features!)

    1. Movie includes the following attributes: movieID (PK); movieTitle; movieRunningTime

Primary keys (PK) and foreign keys (FK) must be depicted. Refer to the demo to recall how relationships are depicted graphically. For example, please size the begin and end points of each Relationship shape as Extra Large or Jumbo.

Deliverable and deadline

  • Include your name in the Visio workspace in a Text Box shape.

  • Submit it via Canvas (Assignment #1 item) by 11:59 PM on Sunday September 16.