Software Development Assignment 01 Solution

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1. General Instructions

In this assignment, you will implement a “to-do list” application with a Heap-based Priority Queue. The application allows the user to manage their prioritized to-do lists using console commands for operations such as adding new tasks, retrieving, or removing the highest priority task. Additionally, the user can save the list to a file or load the list from a file. Please refer to Worksheets 33 and 34 for more details regarding the heap implementation of the priority queue interface and the heap-sort algorithm.

2. Tasks

Complete the implementation of the heap-based priority queue in dynArray.cPreview the document

Implement two functions, one for saving a to-do list to a file, and the other for loading a to-do list from a file. These two functions are in toDoList.cPreview the document

Implement the heap sort algorithm by completing the functions _buildHeap() and sortHeap() in dynArray.cPreview the document

Implement the print function intoDoList.cPreview the document that prints a to-do list in the priority order. To this end, feel free to use a helper function copyDynArr() provided in file dynArray.cPreview the document

3. Provided Files

dynArray.cPreview the document — Implementation of dynamic array and heap-based priority queue. You will complete functions for heap-based priority queue in this file. Search for the comment “FIX”.

toDoList.cPreview the document — Implementation of functions specialized for a to-do list application, such as saveList() and loadList(). You will complete these two functions.

main.cPreview the document — Tests your to-do list application.

main2.cPreview the document — Tests your heap sort algorithm. You will need to change the Makefile and function names in main.cPreview the document and main2.cPreview the document accordingly to switch between testing your to-do list application and the heap sort algorithm.

dynArray.hPreview the document — Header file for dynArray.cPreview the document. This file should not be changed.

toDoList.hPreview the document — Header file for toDoList.cPreview the document. This file should not be changed.

type.hPreview the document — Header file for the Task structure. This file should not be changed.

todo.txtPreview the document — An example file that contains a to-do list, which was saved by the function saveList(). Your function saveList() should save a to-do list in a file using the same formatting. You may use this file to test your function loadList().

program_demo.txtPreview the document — Examples of command lines showing how a user can interact with the program.

Makefile — The program’s makefile.

4. What to Turn in?

Please submit on TEACH (Links to an external site.)Links to an external site. the following completed files:



answer.txt — Name of the file in which you saved the to-do list using saveList(); when running your code, enter ‘s’ and then for the question “Please enter the filename: ” you should enter: answer.txt

Please use this file-naming convention. Make sure your code compiles using the provided Makefile on the School’s server. Design a number of test examples to thoroughly check for any errors in your code.