Ruby Parser Part 1 Solution

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For this assignment, we will be writing a parser that is able to parse an input file written in our “Tiny” grammar. You should finish writing the “Parser” class that I’ve provided. Your Parser class should print:

  • Each time it enters or leaves a rule and what the rule is
  • Each time it recognizes a token and what the token was
  • Something, everytime it catches an error
  • Whether or not the parse completed successfully (no errors) and how many errors were found

Parser.rb extends Scanner.rb (The lexer that you wrote for your last assignment) and provides a framework for a top-down, recursive-descent parser of the TINY language. The parser stays one token ahead in the Token stream (@lookahead) and uses the Token to predict how to continue parsing the current instruction and which method to call next.

The consume() method calls nextToken() in the scanner. The current @lookahead Token is discarded, and the next Token in the stream is retrieved. Whitespace Tokens are discarded.

The match(dtype) method tries to match the @lookahead Token with the provided type (dtype). If a match is found, consume() is called to retrieve the next Token. Otherwise an error is raised.

The program() method is first called to parse a TINY program. Since a TINY program consists of a sequence of statements, program() calls statement() repeatedly until it encounters the EOF token.

Complete the parser by providing methods for the appropriate BNF rules in TINY.

I have given you my lexer and token ruby classes. I have also partially written the parser for you and have written a main.rb file that can run your ruby parser.

I have also included 5 sample input files that you can use to test your program once you’ve finished writing it.

input[1-3].txt should complete with no parse errors.

input[4-5].txt should have parse errors.

Below are screenshots of what your output should look like, based on the input files I’ve provided.


Submit ONLY your Parser.rb file.