Project 4 Solution

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For your final project you have two choices.

Option 1

Option 1 is worth a **maximum of 80/100 points**. For this project, you will modify your Car Database from Project 3 to use your own custom `LinkedList` class rather than arrays. If you did not complete a working solution for Project 3 it is strongly advised that you choose option 1. See the following for a description of this assignment:

[Project 5 Option 1 – Car DB with Linked Lists](

Option 2

Option 2 is a more difficult project that will require you to learn some new things on your own. This project will be worth a maximum of 100/100, and part of your grade will be based on an interactive demonstration with the professor. Students who have done well on prior assignments are encouraged to complete this assignment. See the following for a description of this assignment:

[Project 5 Option 2 – Music Player](

Submission Requirements

1. For this assignment, you will submit all Java files you implemented for this program. The specific files you submit will depend on the option you choose and the design you implement, but you will need to be certain that all files to compile and run your program are in your `project5` directory.

2. Make sure your code follows all requirements in the [Style Guidelines]( /notes/blob/master/

3. Follow the instructions in the [SVN Guide]( /notes/blob/master/ for submitting your solution by the deadline.

4. Make sure you have submitted your work in an SVN directory: `<username>/cs112/project5`