Programming Assignment #1 Solution

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Objectives: To practice event-driven programming using Java-based GUIs. To refresh your basic Java skills.

Description: Develop a Java program that creates a standalone GUI application (not an applet) that simulates an e-store which allows the user to add items (books) to a shopping cart and once all items are included, total all costs (including tax), produces an invoice, and append a transaction log file.

Your program development must include the following steps:

  1. Create a main GUI containing the following components:

    1. An area that allows the user to input data into the application along with the descriptive text that describes each input area.

    2. A total of six buttons as shown below with functionality as described below.

    3. As illustrated below, the various buttons on the interface are only accessible at certain points during a user’s interaction with the e-store.

  1. An input file named “inventory.txt”. This is a comma separated file which contains the data that will be read by the application when the user makes a selection. A sample file is provided for you on WebCourses.

  1. An output file (append only) named “transactions.txt” must be created that uniquely logs each user transaction with the e-store. The unique transaction id will be generated as a permutation of the date/time string when the transaction occurred.


Your source file shall begin with comments containing the following information:

/* Name: <your name goes here>

Course: CNT 4714 – Summer 2018

Assignment title: Program 1 – Event-driven Programming

Date: Tuesday May 29, 2018


Input Specification: The file “inventory.txt” as described above (see example below as well).

Output Specification: Output is to appear in the specified components of the GUI and various message boxes that appear, plus the contents of the “transactions.txt” log file that will be generated.


  1. Submit a working copy of your source code (all .java files) via WebCourses no later than 11:59pm Tuesday May 29, 2018.

Page 1

  1. Include a file that contains screen shots, similar to those illustrated below, that shows your application in action as a user interacts with your e-store to purchase books.

  2. Include a screen shot of your “transactions.txt” file showing at least the last few transactions (similar to the one shown on the last page of this document).

Additional Information:

Shown below are example screen shots of the GUI to help illustrate how your application is to operate.

1. Screen shot of the contents of an example “inventory.txt” file.

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