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* Understand the OO principles abstraction, encapsulation and inheritance

* Become familiar with the Java API

Project Partners

Under the guidance of your tutors, arrange yourselves into pairs for the project. Your tutors can help you find a partner if you don’t already have one.

You will need to register a group on WebCMS with both you and your partner in it by **Friday** of this week. Even if you choose to work alone, you still need to register a group. To do this, **one** member needs to register it on the course website:

1. Click on **Groups** on the left.

2. Click on **Create**

3. Give the group a name of the form *TUTE*-*name*, where *TUTE* is the code for the lab as on the timetable on the course website and *name* is a name for your team (e.g. T13A-cool_kids). The name portion can be whatever you want (within reason) but must contain only alphanumeric characters and underscores (no whitespace or special characters).

4. Ensure that the group type is **Project**.

5. Click **Create** to create the group.

The other member of your partnership can then **join** this group:

1. Click on **Groups** on the left.

2. Find your group in the list.

3. Click **Join**


An individual repository for this lab has been created for you here (replace z5555555 with your own zID):


Recall the university enrolment system from the lectures. The requirements for this system were as follows:

* Students enrol in courses that are offered in particular semesters

* Students receive grades (pass, fail, etc.) for courses in particular semesters

* Courses may have pre-requisites (other courses) and must have credit point values

* For a student to enrol in a course, s/he must have passed all prerequisite courses

* Course offerings are broken down into multiple sessions (lectures, tutorials and labs)

* Sessions in a course offering for a particular semester have an allocated room and timeslot

* If a student enrols in a course, s/he must also enrol in some sessions of that course

Using what was developed in the lecture as a basis, draw a complete UML diagram including all fields, methods and relationships. In deciding on the methods for the classes, you may wish to consider the [principle of least knowledge (Law of Demeter)](

In this repo is skeleton code for basic classes and a test class with a series of `TODO`s describing a simple use case. Complete the test class by implementing the necessary components of the enrolment system. You can change the code in any way you feel is necessary.

After finishing the implementation, make sure your diagram is still consistent with the code. If you had to update your diagram, consider why.


Make sure that all your work has been pushed to GitLab then submit it with:


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