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* Understand the OO principles abstraction, encapsulation and inheritance

* Become familiar with the Java API


An individual repository for this lab has been created for you here (replace z5555555 with your own zID):


Modify the class StaffMember (inside package `staff`) so that it satisfies the following requirements:

* Attributes to store the staff member’s name, salary, hire date, and end date.

* Appropriate constructors, getters, setters, and other methods you think are necessary.

* Overridden `toString()` and `equals(..)` methods. Use what you learnt from the tutorial, but make sure you understand what these methods are doing.

* Javadoc for all non-overriding methods and constructors.

Create a sub-class of `StaffMember` called `Lecturer` in the same package with the following requirements:

* An attribute to store the school (e.g. CSE) that the lecturer belongs to

* An attribute that stores the academic status of the lecturer (e.g A for an Associate Lecturer, B for a Lecturer, and C for a Senior Lecturer)

* Appropriate getters and setters.

* An overriding `toString()` method that includes the school name and academic level.

* An overriding `equals(…)` method.

* Javadoc for all non-overriding methods and constructors.

Create a class `StaffTest` in the package in the package `staff.test` to test the above classes. It should contain:

* A method `printStaffDetails(…)` that takes a `StaffMember` as a parameter and invokes the `toString()` method on it to print the details of the staff.

* A `main(…)` method that:

* Creates a `StaffMember` with a name and salary of your choosing.

* Creates an instance of `Lecturer` with a name, salary, school and academic status of your choosing.

* Calls `printStaffDetails(…)` twice with each of the above as arguments.

* Tests the `equals(..)` method of the two classes. Use [the documentation]( for `Object.equals(…)` as a guide for what you should test.


Make sure that all your work has been pushed to GitLab then submit it with:


$ 2511 submit lab02



With any leftover time in your lab, look at the specification for assignment 1 and try to come to a concrete understanding of the requirements. You may even try to write down an initial set of CRC cards.