HW6: Textures Solution

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Write an OpenGL program that incorporates both lighting and textures to create
a a scene consisting of textured solid objects that can be viewed in three
dimensions under user control.

The purpose of this homework is to give you experience with textures and
determining texture coordinates in combination with lighting.  Therefore the
follow are not permitted:
1) Any GLU and GLUT objects;
2) Pyramids;
3) Objects constructed entirely of cuboids or spheroids;
4) Objects created by Blender or a similar program and imported to the program.

Note that GLUT objects do not support textures anyway.

Choose your textures carefully considering the scale at which you will apply
them.  The textures should complement the scene.  All objects in the scene
should be textured unless there is a very good reason not to apply textures to
some objects.

Use textures that are sized as a power of two, even though it may not be
required, because sometimes it makes a difference.  Also keep your textures
small.  Textures greater than 512×512 are rarely justified.

What to turn in:
1) Source code, textures, makefile and readme;
2) Approximate time spent on the project.

This assignment is the last in the series. The academic value is to give you
some experience in using textures, lighting and three dimensional viewing to
visualize a scene that is quite realistic.