HW4: Projections Solution

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Create an OpenGL program this allows a scene to be viewed in both orthogonal
and perspective projections from multiple eye positions directed by user input.
The program must have three view modes:
1)  Overhead orthogonal;
2)  Overhead perspective;
3)  First person.

You may NOT use the CSCIx229 library for this assignment.

The scene should consist of several 3D solid objects. You may want to simply
expand on Homework 3.  Using GLU and GLUT objects are still prohibited.

The program should allow the scene to be viewed from different viewpoints using
the cursor keys or mouse.  The orthogonal and perspective projections should
allow the entire scene to be viewed from an overhead view.  Although the scene
would look slightly different between the projections, the view should be from
the same vantage point.

The program should allow a third mode which provides for first person
navigation using a perspective projection.  The cursor keys should allow the
user to traverse the scene.

What to turn in:
1) Source code including makefile to build hw4;
2) Readme with instructions;
3) Approximate time it took to complete the assignment.

The purpose of this assignment is to give you some experience with different
projections. While for any project the projection will be dictated by the
specific application, realistic scenes would generally be in perspective,
while orthogonal projections would appear in CAD and similar applications. You
may want to start by getting you scene created in 3D and view it only using
the orthogonal projection, and then add the perspective projection second,and
finally the first person navigation.

WARNING:  Some people really struggle with first person navigation, while
others find it utterly trivial.  Be sure to leave yourself enough time to
figure out which category you fall in.