HW2: Lorenz Attractor Solution

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Write a three dimensional OpenGL visualization of the Lorenz Attractor. The lorenz.c program provides an integrator that may be used to generate a sequence of points to use in the visualization


At a minimum, your program should provide a line trace of the sequence of attractor and allow the trace to be viewed from different positions and allow one or more of the parameters in the Lorenz equations to be modified interactively. (The academic lesson here is what it takes to get a simple scene rendered and basic user interaction.)


This is your opportunity to experiment and impress your friends with cool science, so use your imagination and explore both OpenGL and the properties of the Lorenz Attractor.

What to submit:

  1. One ZIP or TAR archive containing all files you are submitting;
  2. Source code and Makefile. I’m going to recompile and run this on a Linux/Ubuntu box so use #ifdef in your code if you use things that are not portable. (If you don’t have access to a Linux box and the GLX code doesn’t work it won’t count against you. Note that any changes you made to the gears program probably will cause problems for me.) ;
  3. Provide a README with brief instructions on how to use the program. This should include instructions on how to change the view, and whatever else the program does;
  4. Optional: If you discovered anything interesting about the Lorenz Attractor you can attach a brief writeup. If plain text won’t do, a PDF file would be best;
  5. Time it took you to complete the assignment.


Before submitting, please consider the following checklist:

  1. Make sure your program compiles with no warnings (gcc -Wall is your friend);
  2. Make sure that the program behaves correctly when the window is resized;
  3. The program should start with something interesting to see – don’t make me work to see something worth while;
  4. Make sure the README tells me what buttons to press to make something happen.