HTML/Resume Assignment Solution

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In this assignment you will use the HTML skills you have learned in class to build a web-age resume. Pick your favorite villain or superhero and create a resume for them targeting any job you wish them to have – use fake information. Your resume can be as elaborate as you want it to be using HTML, but DO NOT USE ANY CSS.


Inside of your cim111 a2 folder there should be an index.html file. Place the code in this file. Also Create an images folder inside of your a2 folder.


You will need the following:


Your name, at the top of the page as an h1 heading.


Use header tags for all section heads


A paragraph about superhero/villain


Add a photograph of your superhero/villain


Add Work Experience


A list of hobbies or interest displayed as an HTML ordered or unordered list.


If you do not have a resume look at examples to format and have the right information.



Must haves


Proper html document setup (10 Points)


Use meta author and description tags (10 Points)


Using heading tags for your different sections (10 Points)


Add a comment (10 Points)


Address tag (use a fake info) (5 Points)


Create a table (10 Points)


Ordered or unordered list (10 Points)


2 links (a tags) (10 Points)


2 italics or bold tags (10 Points)


At least one image (10 Points)


Resume Styling (5 Points)


Once completed push final changes to github and submit your github a2 folder link via blackboard. Assignments turned in late will be docked 1 full letter grade.