Homework 3 Solution

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READ Chapters 6 and 7 of “grokking algorithms” – try all exercises, but do NOT turn in! (yes we are skipping chapter 5 for now)


WATCH the videos on topological sorting




















#1 Program a preorder, inorder, postorder traversal of this tree – print the node values “processed” in each. Modify walk.c in github – it creates the tree for you. All you have to do is fill in 3 functions.


            B                               C            
    D               E               F               G    
H       I       J       K       L       M       N       O





P Q   R S   T U V W X Y Z



Homework – place to insert code in walk.c

































CS 5006 – Algorithms – Summer 2020 141


Homework – place to insert code in walk.c


































CS 5006 – Algorithms – Summer 2020 142






Homework – place to insert code in walk.c






Before I go over the homework from Module 1, I will take you through walk.c … this is optional, so feel free to try to figure the code out yourself.






Homework – page 4 of 4



#2 For this graph write down the order of vertices encountered in a breadth-first search starting from vertex A. Break ties by picking the vertices in alphabetical order (for example, A before Z)





Just turn in a pdf with the results.












Please upload to Canvas your C program and screen shot of you executing the program.



For this homework assignment, you may (if you choose) work in teams of 2.



Each student is expected to work WITH the other student while writing and testing (via ZOOM or whatever collaboration tool you like). Do not split the task between the two of you.



Each student should upload the program/screen shot + pdf of the graph traversal results



The comment at the top of the program should say if it was done by a team and who the two members of the team were (so that the TAs do not have to grade the same homework twice).