Homework 3: HTML and CSS Exercise SOlution

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  1. Objectives


  • Become familiar with HTML and CSS technologies


  • Learn how to imitate two web pages


  1. Description



You should be able to compose documents directly in HTML and CSS. This is very helpful as it is often necessary to modify existing documents. Also, when writing server-side scripts one must generate HTML.


  • In this assignment, you are given two (2) screenshots and a video of two (2) web pages (home.html and nature.html). Your task is to reproduce the 2 pages as closely as possible, writing HTML and CSS directly, that is without using anything morethan a text editor. The screen shots of the pages and a video of the web pages to be imitated, to be scrolled vertically, and resized horizontally can be found at following links:


Home Page


Nature Page




  • Important Note:use of CSS is required



  • Two if the menu items (homeand nature) on each page provide active links (anchors) to the two pages.


  • You should not use any other images.



  • Properly “crop” the 8 images as shown in the video.


  • Please note that if you view the images of the sample web page in a browser, some browsers will automatically resize the image to fit within the browser window.


  • To test your hw#3, please view your web page using Firefox. Resize your browser window to the same size as the Home Page PNG image and then see if you have used the correct font, color and size, and if the position of text is correct. As long as the various items on the pages are “proportionally” correct, you will get full points.


  1. Submission


You are required to submit your source code electronically to GitHub Classroom so that it can be graded and compared to all other student’s code via the MOSS code comparison tool. To submit your file electronically, see the documentation of GitHub Classroom.


You must link this homework to your class homework page so that the graders can go to your website and grade your homework.