Homework 10 Solution

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Double click the downloaded zip file.


Highlight the contents and Press <ctrl>-C or click copy from the home tab menu


Browse to your homework repository and paste the contents there.




Right click in the contents window and select paste


Click copy from the home tab menu.


Change into this folder and open hw10.sln


You will be writing your code in the hw10Double.cpp. Hw10.cpp contains the tests for your code and the doubly linked list class functions


Functions: There are 5 functions that you must rewrite by Tuesday at noon. You must have it pushed to your repository.


  • Constructor


  • Clear


  • Destructor


  • Print


  • Insert


Work on one function at a time. You will need to filter the tests being run by using visual studios command line options.

  • Enter “Constructors*”


  • Enter “Clear*”


  • Enter “Destructors*”


  • Enter “Print – Forward*”, then “Print – Backwards*”, and finally “Print*”


  • Enter “Insert*”


The order of rewriting the functions can make your life easier. Do them in the order listed in functions.


Think about them. Do not drop to the command line to run the program.


You will need to delete the word from the unsortedDouble.h file to your program run your code rather than the code within the dll.




The first function you should write is the constructor unsortedDouble()


In the header file, delete UNSORTEDDOUBLE_API from the constructor prototype. Should look like the following Before:

































Place the correct filter for which tests to run in the command line options within visual studio.


Now write your code in the file hw10Double.cpp



















You can download the documentation for each of the function from d2l.


Do not place it in the repository.


Unzip the file “Double.zip” that was downloaded.


Copy the directory to you desktop (Not the repository)


Open this directory and double click the index.html file.