Assignment 4 Solution

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Write a program that implements the following disk-scheduling algorithms:


  1. FCFS
  2. SSTF
  • SCAN
  1. C-SCAN
  2. LOOK



Your program will service a disk with 10,000 cylinders numbered 0 to 9,999. The program will generate a random series of 1,000 cylinders requests and service them according to each of the algorithms listed above. The program will be passed the initial position of the disk head (as a parameter on the command line), and report the total amount of head movement required by each algorithm. Your program should show the result in a table.


You may use any programming language and add comments to your code.



Submit the following:

  1. Your complete code with all comments
  2. Screenshot of the output
  • Assignment report which will answer the following questions:
    1. Each algorithm definition
    2. The result (total amount of head movement) for each one algorithm
    3. Which algorithm is the most efficient one? Why?