Assignment 4 SOlution

$35.00 $30.80


  • Please finish the lab according to the attached file , then submit the report of lab 4 based on the lab report template.




  • Please submit your source code in zip file. (



Assignment 4.1 Session Hijack




  • Try to capture session cookie of (yours or your classmates’)


  • Manipulate your cookie of to hijack this session. (Chrome Extension: edit this cookie)


  • Or you can replay the HTTP request using curl. (


  • Write your report:


– How did you capture the cookie? What’s the content of the cookie?


– How did you set your cookie into target values? Show the edit page


–  Did you success hijack the session? Describe how did you do it



Assignment 4.2 DNS Inspection



  • Capture DNS query sent from your computer


–  Using capture filter udp port 53


–  Using display filter (any domain filter is ok)


  • Write your report:


–  How did you trigger the DNS query ?


–  Where did the query send? (IP)


–  What did the query said?


–  Does the server support recursive query?


–  What did the response said?



Assignment 4.3


Enhanced File Browser (Class A Only)


  • Based on Assignment 3.3, implement following features:


–  Range Header support


  • With this feature implemented, user can pause and resume download file from the server.


–  Session Cookie support:


  • Remember last folder user visited, response with 302 Found if user access root directory.




Request: GET http://localhost:8080


Response: 302 Found, Location: http://localhost:8080/lastdir