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Marketing Plan for Skin Cream in UK- Essay Solution – edulissy

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Marketing Plan for Skin Cream in UK- Essay Solution

Marketing Plan for Skin Cream in UK

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Skin Cream products aimed at improving the skin’s overall condition.This marketing plan proposes to provide an outline of strategies of action in marketing Skin Cream products in the UK. In this paper, the four pillars of marketing such as segmentation, targeting, positioning and communication strategies are discussed. Moreover, the general courses of actions or activities are likewise presented.



Segmentation is the division of the market into various homogenous groups. Skin Cream is generally for women audience, perhaps from teenagers to young adults to working moms. Basically, women shop for beauty products to relax and relieve stress. Other reasons include to keep up with beauty trends and products and to learn about buying beauty products (2008). When it comes to advertisement, women prefers ads of beauty products to be informative than to be flashy. Great advertisements connects to the emotions wherein emotional connection point that transcends the product. Female consumers are also open to seeing all types of women in advertisements (2008).



Targeting is the identification of audience to which a product will be marketed. Beauty products are increasingly becoming part of the lifestyle of women. Women are also expected to allot 6 to 8% of their earnings for beauty products purchase. Target customers of Skin Cream are most likely teenagers, young adults from 20 to 35 years of age and the market beyond such age will be also significant. The last could be a relative percentage on above 40s and in their 50s. Discerning beauty shoppers know what they want that suits their budget. The reason for targeting this niche is their spending capacity and practicability especially in this economic trying time.



Positioning refers to the creation of image in the minds of the target market.


Skin Cream products aimed at improving the skin’s overall condition. As such, it is important for the users to pick the right skin care products that will blend to the complexion. People buy, mostly women, buy skin care products to fight against dryness, itching, inflammation, odor, sun exposure and just plain dirt. Skin Cream products are over the counter products.


Skin care products are sold from £6 to £50 depending on the brand of the products. Premium brands could even go higher than the industry average. Skin Cream products will be available from £11 to £40 pounds. Pricing strategy that the Skin Cream will adapt is the competition-oriented strategy. Competition-oriented pricing is a strategy wherein prices are set based on what a firm’s competitors are charging competitive advantage.


The target market for Skin Cream would be the entire Europe but the products could be initially promoted on specific areas. East London, Westbourne Grove, Portobello Road, Islington, Notting Hill, Covent Garden, Chelsea and St. John’s Wood and London street markets are amongst these areas. The Brick Lane area and the Camden High Street could be explored.


The promotion strategy for the Skin Cream beauty products will be in three stages: creative platform, creative strategy and selection of promotion elements which will be discussed in the communications section. The creative platform for this is vital on different promotional tactics. These are advertisements through television, radios, movies/theaters, magazines, newspapers and other printed materials and billboards. The highest priority though is placed on visual portals and the Internet. The technical utilities are online collaborations and computer superstores ( 2001).

Creative strategies will focus on virtual channels to further promote the Skin Cream products locally and advance and build the product awareness. The main channel that this paper proposes to use is creating own website and next the online collaborations. The primary online medium that will be used is through developing own website. The secondary medium will be computer superstores like Amazon and eBay.



Communications for Skin Cream products will be two-fold: through distribution channels and promotional tactics. Advertising and systems integration will be implemented. Skin Cream products will be advertised on TVs, radios, magazines, newspapers and other printed materials, billboards and the Internet. Skin Cream company must also converged with other promotional methods like events and fashion shows, public relations which is most important, media/editorial activities and technical.



In sum, Skin Cream products must be made available for the general public. It would be plausible for Skin Cream to make use of advertising and online tools to market the products so that it can reach its target market which is women beauty shoppers. Encompassing all age brackets, Skin Cream products will be sold in key public areas in the UK.