eBay case study essay instructions- Essay Solution

eBay case study essay instructions

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This essay is based on a case study on eBay.
Reading or information is ; text, Strategy Winning in the Marketplace core concepts, Analytical Tools, Cases by Second Edition. International Edition.
Case 16 on eBay.

Essay title, what to write on: “Discuss the strategic position of eBay at the end of the case study and explain how they achieved this. At the end of the case eBay are at a cross roads, explain how they can continue to grow a comparable rate.”

Instructions: The eBay case study is like a report of eBay report for the period of 1996 to 2003. It includes: Growth of E-commerce and online auction, Key success factors in online retailing (1999 – 2004), The users of online auction, and the founding of eBay crafting strategy in single-business companies), eBay’s transition to professional management (eBay’s income statements, 1996 – 2002/eBay’s consolidated balance sheets, 1997 – 2003), how an eBay auction worked, how transactions were completed, a sample feedback forum profile, eBay’s strategy to sustain its market dominance, the move to go public, eBay’s business model, the strategy, developing US and international markets, how eBay’s auction site compared with those of rivals (Amazon.com Auction, uBid.com, Yahoo Auctions, eBay’s new challenges, continued growth, evolution of the business model, and the future.

If you can lay your hands on the case study text book or journals, use other academic journals to read the areas in the above instruction.

How to go about the essay.
1. What is the strategic position of eBay at the end of the case? Things to do, a) A detailed Resource Analysis (Financial, marketing, operations and HRM). b) A completed Environmental Analysis (PESTLE and Part Porters 5 Forces). c) You should develop a prioritized SWOT. d) Discuss how eBay have applied risk management theory to achieve their strategies. e) A financial analysis of the company e.g ratios. f) You should determine the strategic position of eBay at the end of the case or for the period 1996 – 2003.

2. eBay are at a cross-road regarding their future……….how can they continue to grow at a comparable historical rate? Things to do, g) Can you recommend a new strategy that might assist them towards this end? What financial risk should they be concerned with and how can they manage such risks.