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we Will Manage Your Online Classes,Discussions,Quizzes And Exams

We manage all your discussions, quizzes and exams for you; with A+ Guaranteed We do a variety of the following subjects/units English Business Marketing Geography Biology/Microbiology Marketing History If you have any other class, contact us so we can discuss about it.  We assure you: A timely response A full 8 week class managed with everything […]

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Amish Youth in the Amish Community- Essay Solution

Amish Youth in the Amish Community (341 words) The Old Order Amish are considered as unique among the diverse Mennonite sects. There traditions are being emphasized as representing what is good and right. The said traditions are defined in the Old Order Amish culture. This can be seen in their simple way of living, from […]

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ECONOMETRIC ANALYSIS OF UK STOCK MARKET FTSE 100 INDEX (2917 words)   This section examined UK’s stock market using the FTSE 100 index. This issue has generated substantial debate in recent years and has significant implications for stock market efficiency. The study employs the regression-based tests of Fama and French (1988)[1] that focus on the autocorrelations […]

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The Google case analysis- Essay Solved

The Google case analysis (1069 words) WHO HAS THE RELATIVE UPPERHAND: THE SERVER OR THE SERVED? Introduction             Presented in this paper is the comparison of the business and revenue models of Google and Alexa particularly in the aspects of network externalities and threat of entry.  Is Google more proportionally profitable with the “subsidiary” Alexa?  Who […]

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International Marketing: Growth of the Internet and Global Marketing- Essay Solved

International Marketing: Growth of the Internet and Global Marketing (3750 words)   Introduction Today, due to the emergence of many companies having the technology and the means for greater expansions of market other existing organizations are forced to innovate and the cope with these changes to continually serve and retain their customers. This is also […]

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