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Molecular Biology ;Answered

Q1. Give a stepwise overview, with diagrams, of the procedure used to clone a DNA sequence encoding one of the insulin subunits.  Clearly indicate the use of any enzymes and briefly state the function of each and the temperature at which the reaction would be performed. Q2 Describe the major feature(s) of a plasmid vector […]

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The same metabolic systems are present in muscle as in all other parts of the body. However, special quantitative measures of the activities of three metabolic systems are exceedingly important in understanding the limits of physical activities like sports. These systems are (1) the phosphocreatinine-creatinine (phosphagen) system, (2) the glycogen-lactic acid (anaerobic) system, and (3) […]

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The discovery of G- proteins. Martin Rodbell and his colleagues found out that a transducer provided the link between the hormone receptor (the discriminator) and the amplifier. A transducer is a substance or device, such as a piezoelectric crystal, microphone, or photoelectric cell that converts input energy of one form into output energy of another. […]

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Human Genome Project an Overview

Give an overview of the human genome project with some relevant examples.   In order to understand the genetic revolution that is now underway, it will be helpful to provide a brief overview ofhuman genetics and the federally funded research endeavor called the Human Genome Project. DNA is found in bacteria, in nuclei of eukaryotic […]

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Cell division exists to produce more cells for growth and repair processes. It is essential that all cells of the body have the same genetic material (2004). For this reason, an important event always precedes cell division: the exact duplication of the genetic material in a process called DNA replication. Only after this has occurred […]

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Uses of Hemp

Uses of Hemp Introduction   According to , hemp is another name for any plant belonging to the genus Cannabis. It is also a term used to describe non-drug cannabis, or industrial hemp. There are many uses for hemp, in the aspect of food, drug, nutrition and fiber. However, there are also restrictions for growing […]

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