Case Study-Reconciling Managerial Dichotomies @ Honda Motors’ by Andrew Mai cited in De Wit, B. and Meyer, R. (2004) – Solution



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There are new featured Honda Civic car models including the Civic Sedan, Civic Coupe, Civic Hybrid and natural gas, the Civic HF and the Civic Hybrid and many others. These models have their own styles, features and performance that are specifically designed according to your preferences but uphold the same quality and style. It featured the same safety system performance that features the same Honda Advance Compatibility Engineering. Specialized body structure for crash or collision and many other safety features including additional side airbags, for both passengers and drivers, and the new feature anti lock break.


We all know that Honda Motors is one of the most trusted car and motorcycle manufacturer and their wide array of products and services which has been providing us comfort and advancement in technology today and in the future.

Let us look at their current trends and latest news to find out what’s been happening in their company. Let us find out some of their latest featured model in car and other products. The new Honda Civic 2012 issues represent its 9th generation of their most popular product that is widely accepted all over the world. In their quest to build the car that is stylish and elegant and most of all fuel efficient in mobility, this basic models is well loved and definitely one of the world bestselling products in automobile industry the world have know. In the United States alone they have reached as much as 8.8 million customers since the product has been launch.

It also includes visual wide space for convenience and mobility. Special and stylistic entertainment system that has built-in USB Audio interface for music lover, Bluetooth link, Hands free link, and FM Radio system. And the most efficient enhanced fuel economy that delivers a superior driving performance and energy and money saving low emitting features with aero enhanced features that can travel estimated 41 miles per gallon although actual mileage may vary from different models. All this and more is included in the New Honda Civic 2012 edition. This is just a summary of features in the latest Honda Civic group.

Now let’s take a look at their latest motorbike 2012 model. Honda announces the latest collection of the best and soon to be favorite motorcycle. Whether for sports or just for fun this collection hold its remarkable features and elegance being offered to the market like any other well love motorcycle models they have had. This year of 2012 Honda holds genuine accessories and features. Guarantee quality and performance with all Honda Motorcycle.

Honda CRF 450R – Sets new standard in motocross machinery. Tough and durable in performance, this includes new improvement in stiff fork refinement and safety spring back time. Revised suspension control and new shock control for improved tracking and precise handling. This can go through tough lands and high terrain wide footpeg for more support

TRX90X – A good starting point for instant performance that is easy to use. With electric start up, automatic clutch function and refine suspension system to just sit and ride and you’re off to a great ride ahead.

CRF150RB EXPERT/CRF– A renewed 2012 member model guaranteed higher speed and performance with several key engine updates. With improved torque power, new suspension setting designed for tough road and racing capability.

 CRF50F, CRF70F, CRF80F and CRF100F– A family of performance for professionals and beginners equipped with automatic or manual clutch or your choice for system performance. With light weight models and smooth handle for beginners.

Big red MUV– Multi-purpose Utility Vehicle secured handling, smooth ride, and this motor can carry a bigger load and towing capabilities. Extended features for more riders.

Four Trax Recon – Exceptionally tough riding capacity that can carry more persons because of its four wheels utility. Manual transmission, Electric shift gear power steering for easy mobility and transfer

XR650L– For a legendary ride and superior performance and riding adventures certainly one of the bestsellers can carry on to tough road and dirt roads, highways and byways.

All this models may not be available worldwide since its new features and release to the market. Simply look for it in nearby location that is available in most parts of the world. Honda Motors continues to deliver different quality vehicles for you to choose from according to your preference and lifestyle, so visit your nearest local Honda Motors Shop today.