Ocean Park Situated on the Southern side of Hong Kong Island- Essay Solution

 Ocean Park Situated on the Southern side of Hong Kong Island

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Ocean Park, situated on the southern side of Hong Kong Island, is one of the world’s acclaimed educational them parks covering more than 870,000 square meters of land.  Operated by the Ocean Park Corporation, a statutory board, it is a not-for-profit organization providing elements of entertainment, education and conversation at an affordable price.


Over four million people visit the Ocean Park each year. Residents of Hong Kong as well as tourists from all over the world enjoy the facilities and services provided at the Ocean Park. With 29 years history, Ocean Park has established itself as one of the major tourist attractions in Hong Kong and Asia. Aside from entertainment through thrill rides and a wide variety of shows, the Park prides itself on its education and conservation programmers. About 40,000 school children in Hong Kong visit the Park each year and learn about animals. In 2000, the Park’s research activities on marine mammals and artificial insemination (AI) produced the world first successful pregnancy of bottlenose dolphins through this process (AI). In May 2001, two healthy dolphin calves were born at Ocean Park as a result of these earlier successful AI conceptions.


Ocean Park comprises two sections, the Headland and Lowland, connected by a 1.5km long cable car system which offers spectacular, panoramic views of the southern side of Hong Kong and the South China Sea. At Headland, the Park boasts of its many thrill rides including the Dragon, Eagle, Crazy Galleon, Ferris Wheel, Ocean Park Tower, Flying Swing, Raging River, Space Wheel, Mine Train, and Abyss Turbo Drop, a heart throbbing thrill ride that delivers a free fall experience from a height of 62 meters.

Complementing the rides is the Ocean Theatre where dolphins and sea lions entertain visitors and educate on the habitat of these marine mammals each day through their lively performances. Providing more enjoyment and education are the world-class Atoll Reef Aquarium, Shark Aquarium, Pacific Pier and the newly opened  Sea Jelly Spectacular. At the Park’s Tai Shoe Wan site, there is the entrance to a bird aviary and a 2258 meters outdoor escalator leading to the Headland.


At the low land, visitors can meet with the delightful “An An” and “Jia Jiao”, a pair of giant pandas bestowed on Hong Kong by the Central Government of China at the Hong Kong Jockey Club Giant Panda Habitat. Adjacent to the Faint Panda Habitat is the Goldfish Pagoda featuring more than 100 goldfish of 42 species. Other attractions include Amazing Amazon, Butterfly House, Dinosaur Now & Then, Whiskers’ Wild Ride and Kit’s World. Besides Kid’s World is Dolphin University where visitors are able to have a closer encounter with dolphins and learn more about these fabulous marine mammals.


Enjoy 2 newly-opened delights at Ocean Park The Bay view Restaurant and The Terrace Café, both offering an international menu as well as an unbeatable view of the South China Sea. Visitors can indulge in the oceanic ambience at The Bay view Restaurant featuring an aquatic backdrop with sea jellies; or enjoy alfresco dining at the relaxing Terrance Café with its breathtaking sea view.