An analysis of the interesting jobs available in the market

An analysis of the interesting jobs available in the market
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This is an analysis of the interesting jobs available in the market. The paper will pose some theories which will make a job interesting and examples will also be set in order to provide readers a concrete illustration. The examples cited will be based on some surveys or other information that can make the paper more comprehensive.

Furthermore, the writer will also include the qualifications or characteristics of employees or job seekers in relation to what they consider as interesting or not. The qualifications presented will be given together with the above sub topic. A conclusion will end this paper taking into consideration the key points that have been discussed with in the paper.



Consumerism and the emergence of the changes of a technology changes the way a company will define a job. There are a lot of jobs being offered in the society today. Furthermore, it is better to say that there are jobs which are not typically or traditionally available during the last decades. The emergence of different companies which are not conducting in a traditional way is fast phasing. Interesting jobs may be considered as interesting if the one applying for it is interested or have the same line of qualities in relation to the skills and interest of the person.

In order to give readers the amount of knowledge as to what interesting job is, it means that the kind of work that are considered by people or employees to be consisting of description that are related to what they consider as a good job.

It is the author’s perception that the consideration of a job as interesting is subjective. The classification of a job to be considered as interesting will depend on the personal necessities and aspirations of a person who seeks for a job. On the other hand interesting jobs can tend to be not interesting with regard to what some external or internal factors can affect such characteristic of being as interesting. Hence, the description of interesting will be based on how an individual will perceive job, as to whether as a necessity or an improvement of one’s skills.

The first reason that can make a job interesting is the amount of compensation that are given in exchange to the efforts that exerted by the employees. As the whole world has been facing a crisis, the importance of money is necessary in order for a person to survive. The definition of interesting jobs carries with it the amount of compensation or wage that is being offered.

One of the jobs that pay a high relative amount is casino managers. According to Sahadi (2005), the general manager of casino is responsible not only for the gambling portion of the operation but also for the hotel and restaurants associated with it.

A general manager typically pulls in between $200,000 and $400,000 a year, but on the way up the six-figure barrier can be broken as soon as you achieve the title of director or vice president in the operations, hospitality and finance sides of the business.

Another job that has the same kind of high pay as stated by the same author is the medical writers. Medical writers have both an understanding of science and the ability to write about it, bringing clarity to complex topics. Medical writers in the pharmaceutical industry may start out making $75,000 a year, but can top $100,000 after three or four years.

Another reason that can make a job more interesting is the name or the reputation of the company offering such jobs to the public. According Benskoski (1995), working in an industry may look more attractive that the unemployment line or another one year post-doctorate position. Hence, although job seekers may tend to find that are apparently, the name of the company where a job is being offered will define the security and lastly how the company will be able to treat its employees.

Thus, successful companies like Microsoft are the first place that some newly graduates will pass their resumes or curriculum vitae. Jobs in Microsoft are interesting because of the position of the company in the business industries.

Another reason is the people behind the organization or the business industry. According to Drucker(2008), managers or the people within the organization does not create utopia-in-organization. But such will point organizations toward performance rather conformance.

Managers must see to it that they will not go a long way toward preventing interesting jobs and interesting people from being dulled. Hence, as managers or the other members of the organization, the need to make it apparent that the organization offer jobs that are good for the employee and that it is a place that is conducive for all types of people is vital to make a job to be seen as interesting.

Another reason that can make a job interesting is the description of the job in relation to the interests, skills, and qualities of an individual. According to Reeves (2001), many researches on differences in management style between men and women indicates that men view work environment as a competitive one in which responsibilities and authority are hierarchically organized. Aggressiveness, assertiveness, and individual ownership of projects, initiatives, and working units are required for success and central to moving up toward the highest reaches of management.

Hence, it can be inferred that men and women have differences as to their ways in seeing whether a job is interesting or not. Men may not see typing and seating all day as a competitive job, while women may see this as a part of their success in achieving higher positions in a company.  Interesting jobs thus can also be different as regard to the gender of an individual.

Also, according to Farr and Shattkin (2007), NCDA Gallup Poll found out that fifty four percent of the professionals are not using their skills in their current job. This survey means that the employees must conduct themselves in a way that it will be able to use the skills that are innate to the personality of an individual. Hence, interesting jobs are those that can make a person improve and progress, thru the way it will be able to apply his skills and characteristics. Skills are important because this will also define the enthusiasm and ability to devote one’s person to the work that is being offered.




As Niccolo Machiavelli has stated, the wish to acquire more is admittedly a very natural and common thing; and when men succeed in this they are always praised rather than condemned. But when they lack ability to do so and yet want to acquire more at all costs, they deserve condemnation for their mistakes.

Taking into consideration the said quote in relation to interesting jobs, is on the part wherein an individual’s happiness on one’s own success will depend on how other people will perceive their skills and qualifications in respect to a job being offered.

In addition, interesting jobs make better workers. The ability of a company to present jobs that can be perceived as interesting can be a way to make an individual succeed in the chosen field. On the other hand, the ability of a company to continuously make a job more interesting will keep the interests and improve the way the employees see work as an important part of their existence. Thus, interesting jobs can produce better workers because from the moment it is applied for and the lapse of time that it remains to be interesting.


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