Amish Youth in the Amish Community- Essay Solution

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Amish Youth in the Amish Community

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The Old Order Amish are considered as unique among the diverse Mennonite sects. There traditions are being emphasized as representing what is good and right. The said traditions are defined in the Old Order Amish culture. This can be seen in their simple way of living, from their way of dressing to their resistance to modern technologies and convenience.

Majority of youth today, are dependent on the different technologies in terms of entertainment as well as education, the Internet and computer are the primary technologies, that enables them to interact with different people, in physical as well as cyberspace aspects. It is important to consider the different factors that can affect the socialization of the Amish Youth in their community. Furthermore, it is also important to consider their education, socialization pattern, together with their freedom.

From the very young age, Amish people are encouraged and fused with the values of simplicity, hard work and though to despise pride or vanity. This can be seen in strict implementation of division of labor, where in boys worked with their father, as soon as they’re able, and the girls assist their mother in raising their young siblings and taking care of their homes. In terms of education, youth will attend one and two room private school until they are 14 or 15, in parochial schools that focuses on reading different biblical subjects, language arts, arithmetic and religion. After the said time, they will take an apprentice learning to a farm or woodworking shops or help in their business. The most important period of apprenticeship is the Rumspringa, where in they will be allowed to experience and experiment the modern lifestyle of the modern world, and at the end of it, they will going to decide, whether they want to stay in the village or join the outside world. If they wish to join the outside world, they will be shunned or will be considered as outcast by his or her family and will be treated as virtual non-entity.